Let’s Talk About Carpets

Find out how to get cleaner, healthier, better spaces by caring for your carpet.

Health, The Best Reason to Clean

Clean spaces are healthy spaces, and carpets are a prime breeding ground for lots of nasty things. Mites can nest in carpets and hatch thousands of little eggs for future generations to bite you, get into your food, and travel to your bed. Allergens settle into carpet and soar into the air in your home everytime you take a step.

Spots & Stains

Carpet spots and stains should be treated immediately. Especially with things that create stubborn stains, immediate steps should be taken to lift the stain from the carpet. Stains are often not possible to completely remove but spots can almost always be removed with a 5-step process.


To maximize the life of your carpet, you have to remove the dirt that has settled at the base of the fibres. This dirt over time grinds and frays the carpet. That’s why you often get trafficked spots in the carpet that look worn.

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