Terms & Conditions

This Agreement

This agreement outlines expectations between Maid in Alexandria and the customer about services performed by Maid in Alexandria for the customer.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the cleaners have access to the home when they arrive.

The customer can be at the residence, provide a key or code, or have a third party let the cleaners in.

The customer is not required to be at the residence at any time during the service.

All pets should be secured to prevent harm to the pet and cleaners and prevent escape from the residence. The cleaners will not enter a residence with pets if they feel unsafe to do so.

If the cleaners are unable to access the residence within 15 minutes of attempted entry, they may cancel the service.


While every care is taken, Maid in Alexandria is not responsible for fastness of color, shrinkage, or damage that may be caused during normal washing/drying processes.

While an effort is made to sort laundry and make an attempt at separating colors, hand-wash items, dry clean only items, and items that are not meant for tumble dryers, Maid in Alexandria is not responsible for items that are improperly sorted. It is the responsibility of the customer to manage the care and exclusion of items to be laundered that are delicate or should be specially handled by a professional in the garment cleaning industry.

Typical washing of towels and sheets is handled with a quick wash cycle of 15-20 minutes. Full wash cycles must be specifically requested.

The customer is responsible for providing appropriate washing supplies such as detergents and dryer sheets.

Bleach is not used by Maid in Alexandria unless specifically requested by the customer.


Maid in Alexandria has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations within the 24 hours may incur a 30% charge.

Payment Information

Maid in Alexandria does not keep banking information internally. Trusted third party processors are used to keep payment information on file and process payments. Maid in Alexandria uses stripe and jobber for payments processing.