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About Us

We work with home owners in the Washington DC area to provide professional cleaning services. You can focus on your life while we focus on your home.

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A trusted service provider embodies a strong identity supported by strong principles.

If you are the one stuck cleaning the toilet, then you know the feeling. That feeling you get when you are scrubbing the bowl with the toilet brush and some water drops splash on your leg or arm. You instantly feel soiled. Have you stopped to think about the water that must also have splashed on your clothes? Hopefully it’s the end of the day and you can go home, but if it is not, you are now going to spend the rest of the day walking around with toilet water on you.

A simple solution to this dilemma is to wear a full body suit with gloves, mask, and goggles.

A better solution is to hire a cleaning company.

Maid in Alexandria can clean those toilets, leave them fresh and save you from unwanted splashes.

Core values are the life-blood of our company. We use these foundational values to build team culture, acquire the best clients, and set guideposts for growth.


Success can be achieved through persistence alone. The mentality to never give up means that if you lack skills, you will develop them. If the task requires great effort, your accumulation of work will total the greatness of effort. The consistency of effort will build confidence to make it to the finish line.

Team Effort

Teamwork makes the dream work. The efforts of one person can be reduced to less than half with the cooperation of others. In this way, tasks are completed faster but greater tasks also become acheivable.


Conscientious people want to do their work well and thoroughly. When we do our best, we benefit everyone. The customer is delighted, the team is rewarded, and we can be proud of our achievements.

We have been in the business since 2016, and since then, we have met some amazing people and learned many tricks of the trade along the way.

Maid in Alexandria started as a way to escape the rat race. A lot of people think about it, but only a few ever venture to do it. There is a good reason: venturing out on your own means working twice the hours for half the pay. We have partnered with many other small cleaning ventures in the area from house cleaners to carpet cleaners, and everyone agrees that it is a tough but nevertheless rewarding experience.

One of the best parts about cleaning for people in the community is the relationships we create (as cliché as it may sound). We end up being a part of our customers' lives whether it is cleaning up while they work, or helping to prep for gatherings.

It's exciting to know who we may be able to serve next.

Our Services

Maid in Alexandria focuses on providing a few general services that can be controlled for quality to best serve our customers.

House Cleaning

Your home should be comfortable, clean, and gorgeous. Get your house cleaned by people who know cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Once a year your home should be cleaned in those hard to reach spots. Did someone say Spring cleaning?


Move Out

Moving out is stressful. Why spend more time cleaning the old home when you could be furnishing the new one?

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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